Sunday, May 18, 2008

David & Leonidas Ebio - Notable Bacongnons

2004 BCSAAI Achievement Awardees for Entrepreneurship

The 2004 BCSAAI Achievement for Entrepreneurship was awarded to a couple who made use of their poverty as their springboard to attain their goal which is to give their children higher education and to alleviate themselves from their poor living condition.

The husband & the wife are both alumni of Bacon Central School, the man from class 1946 and the lady from class 1949. Both of them did not finish a collegiate course, the man having only reached up to third year High School at the Sorsogon School of Arts & Trades and the lady reached first year college at the Annunciation College of Bacon.

They were blessed with four children all of whom are alumni of Bacon Central School, Jameson, the eldest belongs to batch ’68, Josephine with batch ’71, David Jr. with batch’76 and Salvacion belongs to batch ’83.

When the couple started their family, Leonidas, the wife, did dressmaking, home industries like abaca braiding and basket weaving and sometimes laundrying just to augment family the family income. David, the husband worked in a gasoline station of the late ex- Mayor Elias Garcia for several years.

As their children grew, the couple realized that with their meager income they needed an extra source of income, if they were to send their children to higher education. They decided to start a food business with a small eatery in the Bacon Public Market way back in 1968.

With sheer guts, hard work, very minimal capitalization and combined efforts of David and Leonidas, they were able to sustain their children’s education through their small food business. Their children Jameson, is now a draftsman working with the City Engineer’s Office in the City of Sorsogon, Josephine is now a secondary School teacher at the Sorsogon National High School, David Jr. is a bookkeeper in a ranch in Isabela and Salvacion is the Local Civil Registrar in the City of Sorsogon.

The food business they established, although only a modest eatery is however stable up to this day. It was poverty that made the couple and their children stronger, creative, resolute, compassionate…in short we can say that they are high achievers.

The couple has this advice to give to other parents. “Never underestimate poverty.” A fitting advice from the couple who lived by the motto: “Poverty is not a stumbling block but a stepping stone to one’s success.”

By Lorna N. Figueroa

Monday, May 12, 2008

Reminder:Bacon Grand Alumni Homecoming - Annie

This is to remind you that the Bacon Central School Grand Alumni Homecoming will be on Saturday May 17, 2008.

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