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What is Sandataan?

Congressman Sonny Escudero & partner

This is the Sandataan of more than two decades ago when from its inception in 1934, it evolved from a tradition to an institution with primary objectives of promoting the Bicol culture, unity & harmony among Bacongnons and the Bicolanos, render assistance & support to all socio-economic, civic & religious activities and projects that uplift Bacon.

Sandataan is also a silent renewal of the vows of friendships and brotherhood among Bacongnons-a bond that linked them to one another.

A time to relax after a year’s labor, meet old friends; renew acquaintances; dance to old refrains-relive old and fading memories; perhaps rekindle flickering fires of love.

And from among the young new loves are born.Old couples dancing to the favorite tunes of their youth –eyes lit with the fires of love.

Most of them are gone –departed from this world, others far & away. Age & distance renders them incapable of returning & sadly this old haunting poemcomes to mind:


The Light of Other Days
by Thomas Moore

When I remember all
The friends so linked together,
I've seen around me fall,
Like leaves in wintry weather,
I feel like one Who treads alone

Some banquets- hall deserted,
Whose lights are fled,
Whose garlands dead,
And all but he departed!

Thus, in the stilly night,
Ere slumber's chain has bound me,
Sad memory brings the light
Of others days around me.

Sandataan was organized before WWII primarily for social purpose among Bacongnons in Manila so they can see eachother every year in a very pleasant setting. Alumni Homecoming was also organized I think in early 1990's for the same reason. There was no political, religious or civic motivations. It was purely social. Anyone please correct me if I am wrong.

Simple worker

Actually, the Sandataan started way before WWII in Bacon, when Bacon was one of the leading towns in Sorsogon. The Sandataan was the event of the year attended by many from as far as Legazpi City, Bulan and Irosin. I can still remember that this was still the event to attend up to the early to mid 1950s.As far as I can gather, the Manila Sandataan was formed to replicate the Bacon celebration by those Bacongnons in Manila who could not go home to attend the Bacon event. This was a really good way to remember and re-live the hallowed event of the hometown.But wherever the Sandataan is held, it would and should always reflect the best that Bacongnons are capable of.

Bacongnon man sa ny

If remember correctly, the Maisog na Sandataan was held in Bacon for purely social reasons. All they wanted to do was to have fun and meet the New Year. In fact, there were no elections then. The 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer) would be wearing hats or crowns during the Sandataan Ball and whoever they put the hat or crown on will be the next person in that position. But it became one of the top events to go to in the whole province of Sorsogon. People from almost all the towns of Sorsogon and some from Albay made it a point to attend the Sandataan Ball in Bacon.

It's a shame that such an event which has become part of the traditions of Bacon has not been maintained in its former stature as far as social events go.

In recent years, you could see people in the middle of the dance floor in slippers and/or short pants in what is called the Sandataan in Bacon.One has to appreciate the Bacongnons in Metro Manila who are trying to maintain the old tradition of the Maisog na Sandataan. I hope they keep the old practices alive.

However, there comes a time when groups like the Sandataan are called to help their hometown.

And it looks as if the Metro Manila group has organized itself to be so.

If it has evolved into some form of civic association, it must be a relatively recent development. I, too, would be interested to know how it is organized, what its purposes are, what their accomplishments are, so far, and what their plans are to help Bacon.

But what is this I hear that the Metro Manila group has split into two? Is that true? And if so, why?


The Sandataan logo as it is now evolved from a Salakot with Machete but was redesigned to the present because of the adverse connotation the former signified.
Ramon Alcazar Dellosa is credited with the present logo design that was first used when the association was incorporated in 1981.
By:Former BSAI President 1983

Yes, the Sandataan still lives on. We, the present set of officers continue to carry on this tradition. This, somewhat became a commitment that we will share through generations. This tradition will never die. Come what may, we make it a point to celebrate its yearly activity every December 30th. Because we felt that Bacon is still Bacon, the glorious Bacon!

The legend that was Bacon! Anonymous was right, Sandataan was purely for social reason celebrated in Bacon then every December 31st to meet the coming New Year.

Selection of the new set of officers is done during midnight while the social dancing is going on by putting a hat on the prospective officer.

That is why we adapted the hat as the logo of the Sandataan Association here in Manila. But now, election is being done, likewise here in Metro Manila.The Bacon Sandataan Association (Metro-Manila) Inc., is the new name of the organization existing here in Manila and for the information of all Bacongnons, the association here in Metro Manila does not exist purely for social reason. The association has done numerous civic projects in Bacon. To name some:

The welcome arch at the boundary of Bacon and Sorsogon at Gabao, which was damaged by typhoon (Milenyo) which the local government has done nothing to restore it.

A public library located at the back of the former Municipal building is another project. It is now being used as a learning center by out of school youth under the program of the Department of Education. This year it was awarded First Prize as a functioning learning center in the Regional Level.
The Manila Sandataan, the Barangay Council of Bacon District and the DepEd (Non-Formal Education) joined efforts for this achievement. In our little resources, we continue donating old books and other reading materials to the library to make it functional.

Last August 17, 2008, the Metro Manila officers conducted a medical mission at Barangay San Roque, Bacon District in coordination with the Barangay council. Likewise, medicines were also donated to the Barangay of San Juan which was received by the Brgy Chairman.


Sandataan wil live on. Though Bacon municpality was lost but never its tradition.

This association in Metro Manila of Bacongnons is the only organization of Sorsoganon that is actively existing in Metro Manila, according to our beloved Congressman Salvador Escudero, who never fails to attend its yearly celebration, together with Kaka Llamas.

To all Bacongnons, please attend the yearly celebration, 75th Anniversary, at Jade Valley Restaurant located at Scout Torillo coner Scout Rallos, Quezon City (along Timog Avenue) on December 30, 2009. The affair will start at 7PM. Live Band will be assisting the occasion.


The Sandataan lives on. third generation Bacongnons are now carrying the banner of Sandataan. I am so proud of you guys.

Ancient one

I am very happy that the Sandataan has embark on more civic and charitable projects. There are so many projects that could still be tackled to help the impoverished, but I am glad that efforts are in the way. Things have to start somewhere.

Anonymous 8877

Friday, December 25, 2009

Peace On Earth

Peace on EarthMeans so much for you and me
Feeling it in our hearts with joyAnd being sin free.

Peace on EarthMeans loving each other always
In good times and bad timesBeing a helping hand with a smile.

Peace on EarthMeans giving and giving
Not expecting anything backAnd yet feeling loved.

Peace on EarthMeans every day makes you smile
For you are happy being youAnd just being able to love.

Peace on EarthMeans so much to a child
He feels love and comfortAnd warmth in his heart.

Peace on EarthMeans we feel loved within
Not pain and sorrowBut peace in our being.

7:49 AM, December 06, 2009
El Muralla

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas message

Dear readers, on this beautiful season please pause a while so as not to lose sight of the spiritual message of Christmas. For some moments try to push aside the commercialism and materialistic clutter which the season has unfortunately evolved and try to reflect on what is truly valuable and authentic, our loved ones, friends and peace. For these and more, be very grateful.

God's Miracle Gift

Admit the clamor of this season,
Dear Lord, let us find time to reason Why we celebrate this day-
Pause to bow our heads and pray.
The miracle of Jesus' birth
Known to everyone on this earth; The day that gives the soul a lift;
To God, we thank Him for this gift. The gift that touches human heart,
The greatest gift God could impart; That gives full meaning to the soul,God's miracle, to make us whole.
By: Rene J. Dellosa

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bacon Sandataan Association (Metro Manila) Inc.

Logo designed by Ramon Alcazar Dellosa 1981

Bacon Sandataan Association (Metro Manila) Inc. 2008-2009

The Officers and members of the Bacon Sandataan Assn. (Metro Manila), Inc. Headed by Ms. CHERRY LATOSA-MENDENILLA, would like to invite all Bacongnons residing in Metro Manila and those from abroad who are planning to spend their Yuletide Season in the Philippines, for its yearly grand celebration.The 75th anniversary celebration will be held on December 30, 2009 at Jade Valley Restaurant, cor. Scout Rallos and Scout Torillo Sts. (near Timog Ave.), Quezon City A live Band will be assisting the Ballroom Dancing. Amount of the ticket is P300.00.Likewise, the association is accepting Ads for its 75th Souvenir Program.
For inquiries, contact Ms. Cherry Latosa-Mendenilla +63919 364 6171/+632 926 1063 (Office); Ms. Letty A. Posadas +63919 533 4493; Ms. Yoly N. Trapani +63921 990 3049; Mr. Rene D. Delloson +63919 638 1261

BACON SANDATAAN ASSOCIATION (Metro Manila) Inc. 2008-2009
Executive Officers

Pres - Cherry Latosa-Mendenilla
1st VPres- Alejandro D Espinola
2nd VPres- Senen C. Dollison
Secretary- Joy Fortes-Dollison
Asst Sec - Yoly Trapani
Treasurer- Leticia A. Posadas
Auditor – Resurreccion (Baby) A. Alanes
Asst. Auditor- Rolando O. Corral
PRO – Crescenciana A. ArnistoIday Ayo
Exec Asst – Rene D. Delloson
Exec Asst – Merle Tinay-Atutubo
Bacon Coordinator – Eddie D. Defeo

Board of Directors 2008-2009
Chairman - Cherry L Mendenilla

Augusto D. Ayo
Miguel Ayo
Romulo Borromeo
Rolando O. Corral
Josephine F Dollison
Senen C. Dollison
Nannette B. Lapuz
Leticia A. Posadas
Estrella Doringo-Delos Santos

Cong. Sonny H Escudero III
P/SSupt. Rufino D. Escote
Atty. Romeo S. Morato
Hermingildo D Echano
Cleofe DiƱo
Jenny Latosa-Morales
Gloria Deyto

This celebration is also open to FRIENDS of Bacongnons who wants to celebrate with us. Come and join us and feel the hospitality of Bacongnons!

By: Rafael De Leon