Friday, January 19, 2007

Magdaleno & Pelagia Diaz - Lorna N. Figueroa

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The 2006 Bacon Central School Alumni Association, Inc. Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship goes to this couple who raised their children & succeeded in giving them higher education out of their joint effort in retail & bicycle repair service.

Magdaleno & Pelagia Diaz are both alumni of Bacon Central School from the same batch, class of 1936. Both are true-blue Bacongnons. Dalino was born in Basud, Poblacion on July 21, 1923 & Yaying was born in Barangay Rawis on June 26, 1919.

As a young man Danilo worked as storekeeper in the old Cosmos store in Sorsogon, later known as Wilson store until the couple got married & started having a family. Having a growing family was more than just a challenge; it was ruly difficult especially for the head of the family. However, having the entrepreneur spirit in him, he learned everything he could about retail trading & bicycle repairs and decided to make it on his own.
His wife Yaying supported him all the way. Hence, they started their own retail & bicycle- repair service. With faithful devotion to God, hard work, very minimal capitalization and the loving & supportive tandem of Dalino & Yaying , they were able to sustain their family’s needs.

Their children are now well established in their chosen fields of endeavor. The eldest & only son, Dan Diaz is a commerce graduate. He is presently working with the Rizal Banking Corporation as the RCBC Bank Branch Manager in Naga City.
The second child, Marilou Diaz (now Isaac) more popularly known by her nickname Girlie is a Nursing graduate. She is now based in New Jersey, USA presently working at St. Joseph Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey.

The 3rd child Connie Diaz is an AB graduate. Due to poor health, her family decided not to let her be employed. However she helps her father run their small business. The youngest Julieta Diaz-Santos is a Commerce graduate & a CPA. She is now based in Ontario, Canada & presently working as computer consultant to different types of industries.

The small business they established is stable up to this day & has made its mark in the small trade & industry sector of Bacon. It is where bicycle & tricycle owners go for repairs of their vehicles & where most Bacon’s youth go to buy their first bike.

The couple, Magdaleno & Pelagia Diaz, probably are not aware of it, however they have truly given a big contribution to the development of their community with their entrepreneurship. Because of this, they are indeed achievers.

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