Friday, March 14, 2008

Dr. Sevilla Detera-Wadleigh- By Lorna N. Figueroa

BCSAAI 2004 Achievement Award For Science And Technology

Dr. Sevilla Detera – Wadleigh with all the scholarships, awards and achievements she has made in her field of expertise, truly deserves the Achievement Award in Science & Technology.

She is an alumna of the Bacon Central School being one of the members of Class 1953. She finished her high school education from the Sorsogon Provincial High School in 1958 and became a scholar at the Mapua Institute of Technology earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 1962.

She worked as Scientist 4 with the Philippine Atomic Energy Commission where she was awarded by the Philippine Government with fellowship grants to study and be trained abroad.

Dr. Sevilla Detera – Wadleigh finished her MBA in Bio Chemistry at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. USA and her PHD in Bio Chemistry at Howard University also in Washington D.C. USA.

She went to Vienna, Austria, Germany and around the USA to train foreign students and postdoctoral fellows. Presently she is working with the National Institute of Health in Maryland, USA where she is the head of the Research Department. Her current research in Bio Chemistry is about Human Molecular Biology and Genetics of Mental Disorders.

She is married to Dr. Robert G. Wadleigh, a doctor of Medicine, Oncologist and Cancer Specialist.

Sevilla Detera- Wadleigh, the daughter of Bacon, the Alumna of Bacon Central School, the accomplished scientist & researcher in Bio Chemistry, an achiever in global magnitude continues to be humble and giving person who has helped a lot of young people of Bacon have a head start in life because of the scholarships she has generously given to deserving youth.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Alumni Homecoming - Atty. Romeo S. Morato

It has been eons since you left the portalsof our dear Alma Mater, the Bacon Central School. When we graduated, all we had left were fond memories of our elementary school days and the thought that some day, somehow, we will come back and meet again.

It has been a public knowledge that two years ago, our place was ravaged by three (3) typhoons that almost brought great destruction not only to houses, coconut plantations, and rice lands but destroyed several classrooms. Our dear Alma Mater was not spared. It had not getting enough support from local and national government sectors.

This lack of assistance is frustrating and your present Alumni Association officers cannot just take it for granted.. They all agree that elementary school children need basic facilities that are ordinary and necessary while at school, such as, proper lightings in every classroom and safe and potable water supply. These are initial projects to undertake.

We have already started a fund raising activity, but our fund is not sufficient at present. We, therefore appeal and solicit your support for these projects by way of donation or contribution, whether in cash or in kind. You may deposit directly your contribution to Allied Bank, Sorsogon Branch, Sorsogon City, Philippines under Savings Account of Bacon Central School Alumni Asso., No. 1280 03075 5 or you may course the same to me at Poblacion, Bacon District, Sorsogon City 4701, Philippines.

We also take this opportunity to invite you to our traditional Grand Alumni Homecoming on May 17, 2008 and prayed by that time that your participation and contribution in our initial projects are already completed.

We hope to hear from you at soonest and God bless.

Very truly yours,
Atty. Romeo S.Morato
President, Alumni Homecoming