Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Report from Bacon

The Catholic Order of Franciscan Sisters established a small hospital in Bacon, more than 2 years ago called St. Therese Hospital. The Sisters recently added a secondary school called Immaculate Heart of Mary School. The small hospital appears neat and its in-house skeleton medical staff highly competent. Standby doctors and specialists are also on call. The report gave special emphasis in the great service the hospital is giving to Bacongnons which accepts charity, indigent patients with some assistance from the Dept. of Social Welfare.

The strong typhoons which hit Bacon in the past years and the current economic downturn globally seem to aggravate the local economy. Prices of commodities seem almost beyond the reach of ordinary Bacongnons. One can see a lot of worried and confused faces in the public market.

The old unrepaired, roof leaking public market in Pigsabunan is still being used. It is so crowded and too outdated and sufficient only to the town's population of about 40 years ago when it was built.

There is a present surge of crimes reported in Bacon. Burglaries and thieveries are occuring more often. There was even a hold up of a delivery truck in Caricaran, Bacon. No one was apprehended. All the crimes reported remain unsolved.Inspite of the amazing 2 Philippine senators (Escudero & Honasan)beloved sons of Sorsogon,there seem to be no visible assistance or benefit received for Sorsogon City. (It must also be noted that the congressman representing Sorsogon is the father of Senator Francis Escudero.)

The Community Development Fund which is supposed to assist Sorsogon City is allegely being used for the personal benefits of politicians in power.Bacongnons are again extremely frustrated for the utter lack of assistance in the construction of the Bacon Airport and the Banao Port. Those 2 great Bacon projects have been languishing in wanton abandonment for decades.

The church marble flooring project as well as the painting of the church edifice were all completed already. However the church still owes the contractor about P280,000 pesos of unpaid balance.
Report is dated Sept.9,2008. Received here in New York Sept.26,2008.
New Yorker
More Reports From Bacon:
While the limelights are focused on those Bacongnons in political positions such as Sorsogon City Mayor Dioneda and and City Administrator Lorna Figueroa, there are also many outstanding Bacongnons in the private sector who are very active in community service. Stalwarts in civic and religious services mentioned are the following: Jun Patria, Ofelia Reyes Azas, Manuel V.Eco, Amado Manduriao, Jr., Myrna M.Dimaano, Melchor Atutubo, Norma Atutubo, Charito, Elsa & Eden Ayo, Gloria Serrano, Atty. R. Morato. Also, many retired and active teachers, senior citizens donate their services in communityorganizations such as the school projects of the Central School Alumni, serving in committees for the town fiesta, fund raising campaigns for church projects, etc.They are the uncelebrated heroes of Bacon.
4:05 PM, September 29, 2008
New Yorker
Mea Culpa. I forgot to include among the names of Bacongnons who are active in Bacon in community services: Raming Botial. He is among those who quietly serves the community unsung and uncelebrated. He lives in Basud.My apology.
4:52 PM, October 01, 2008
New Yorker

Additional Report From Bacon:
1. Direct from an independent source in Bacon confirmed the highly positive report regarding the achievements by Lorna Figueroa, the City Administrator. The source likewise confirmed that people are impressed with the integrity and efficiency of Ms. Figueroa. However, the reports of the non-accomplishments and other negative aspects of the administration as reported by New Yorker are likewise factuals.

2. The same Source also informed me that the controversial structure constructed in the front door (facing Canda/Pigsabunan)of the church by the former parish priest(now deceased) had already been demolished, as ordered by the new parish priest Father Buenaobra who is by the way here in the U.S. for a 3-month vacation.

3.The disassembling of the controversial structure was headed by Jun Patria who was one of the strong advocates together with Manuel V. Eco and Lorna Figueroa in the preservation of many of the Bacon legacies. This matter if you recall was featured in the very first article of this website titled "Heritage" on Nov.4, 2006.3. There is now a separate parish independent from Our Lady of Annunciation parish in Poblacion, Bacon in Buenavista. The Parish Priest is Father Terwel.

4. There is persistent talk in Sorsogon City about alleged feud between Vice Mayor Edmundo Atutubo (whose father is also from Bacon) and the City Mayor Dioneda.

5. Unreported Footnotes: New Events Introduced during the dual celebration of the Town Fiesta and Alumni Homecoming last May 17 to 21, 2008: Folk dancing contest winner (first prize)won by a group of aging dancers(ranging from 75 to 91 years old, school batch 1929-1949) headed by retired school principal Amado Manduriao, Jr.;A Bikini contest held at the Tolong Gapo sponsored by Coca-Cola. It was the most attended event; A Disco Dance held at the town's Bacia auditorium;The Ball Room Dancing netted P14,000pesos donated to the church painting fund.My report, ladies and gentlemen, and more news from Bacon will be coming the moment I receive them, I promise.
9:19 PM, October 05, 2008
Rene from California

In addition to the parish in Buenavista that Rene of California reported on, there is also a new parish centered in San Roque. The two were made into parishes at the same time.
10:18 PM, October 05, 2008
Bacongnon man sa NY

Monday, October 06, 2008

Memories of Bacon

The fragrance of the tropical flowers that adorned the altar is something I could not forget to this day. I do love the whole altar, the old walls and carved names, and of course the pulpit (I hope I did really see it then (charge the uncertainty to a very tender age) and if I am right, if only for the young to have an idea of how it used to be, I hope it still stands).
It is in this same church that I had the formal blessing and the short, but meaningful ceremony of wearing the “habito” of the Lady of Miraculous Medal. This is my strongest attachment to this church.

And in much later, still young year, though short-lived, I felt so proud being able to light a Petromax. Some German power of a light they invented! Wow! And I handled it well! And only in Bacon!

I remember that church when I am in secondary at Annunciation College. I always amazed of the scenery of the altar, the grotto, the sculptors during our everyday holy rosary and once a week holy mass.

When we were playing with my classmates in front of the church and noticed the crumbled KAMPANARYO, I make a promise that if God gave me a chance to have a fortune I will someday restore the original structure, but unfortunately I'm just an ordinary worker here in Manila now...
2:44 AM, October 05, 2008
Inaki sa Bacon

I remember the time when I was still a kid playing around on top of the wall of the "Intramuros". We used to pick some "fruits" of a wild plant called dulce kuyumot. Being a nasty kid at that time, I don't mind the warnings of my aunt regarding engkanto living in that place, and the snakes that roam. All I want to do is to explore and play inside Intaramuros. Before going home, I drop by the pandayan and watch how the sundang are made. At night, when petromax are all lighted, when the moon is at its peak, we play patubigan (patentero, if I'm not mistaken) or hide and seek beside the old municipal building or at the corner house of the Atutubos.
El Muralla

How can I forget Bacon, on my high school days almost everyday I walked everyday from my alma mater Annunciation College of Bacon to the barrio I lived & grew up, passing by three barangays before I arrived at my house?

How can I forget Bacon, my classmates invited me for the “binyagan session” in an outskirt area of kalye Paalam & perform the classical procedure of soaking ourselves in “patubig” chewing guava leaves & slicing it using a “labaha?”

How can I forget Bacon when my first kiss happened in front of my beloved grandmother grave in Bacon Cemetery, when my girlfriend & I visited her?

If the smell of newly baked apple pie with cinnamon gives warmth to an American home, so does the “cocido” with the soothing scent of “suwa” in a Bacon home.Days would come & go, there’s “maya-maya”, there’s “turingan”, there’s “lapu-lapu” and who could forget the mild tasting “sap-sap”, and most of all “turos” its fins capable of inflicting swelling pains.Accompany any of these with mahumukon na pinakul-aw na langka and you could kiss delicately prepared Foie Gras good-bye.

“Semana Santa” ini an dakulang okasyon masunod sa Navidad na nauruli an mga taga-Bacon.An mga pabasa sa mga balay, an mga handa nan an mga bisita na nakibasa.An mga prosesyon kan mga santo, an mga handa pagkatapos kan prosesyon. Ini an mga naroromdoman kong maogmahon sa Bacon.
An Viernes santo na dae dapat magribok, dai magkanta, dai magpasuhay, diit an pagkaunon, nan sira sana ta gadan si Jesus.
An Dominggong pagkabuhay, an paglukso ta baad daa humalangkaw. An mga lauya sa mga balay.An Sinaklot, na minaw-ot kong ako an maging anghel na dai man ako kinua ta siguro magub-at ako para mag sinaklot na dai ko man ikinamundo ta may bag-o akong bado na pansimba.

Saro sana ini sa mga magayonong kultura kan Bacon.

It was during the Second World War that I, as a budding teen had my 1st dance during an "Aurora Katapusan" at Kanda, Bacon. My partner, Pilar Latosa was a pretty young girl in the neighborhood who became one of my best friends. I still remember her as she was then. I wonder where she is now.
I was alone in my room when from somewhere, I heard the distant tune of a well remembered melody, and instantly I was transported back in time.
I was thirteen years old again & it was the 1st week of December 1941 at the Bacon Municipal building...
War had become a certainty.
Wives & parents of young men called up for training and service congregate every morning at the Municipal building for information. Between news flashes came the tune of " Come back to Sorrento" and in the background I could hear the faint sounds of sobbing. I turned & I could see the anguish & tears on their faces.
Since then, there never was a time I hear that song that I don't remember the wives & orphans that war has made.