Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Official Bacon Report - Lorna Figueroa

The Poblacion of Bacon and extended to Caricaran and other nearby barangays is now visibly cleaner and brighter than before. The garbage collection is more systematic and regular and the eco-aides are busy cleaning our town more than ever before.

The old municipio which during the last administration was desecrated by replacing the sign "BACON MUNICIPAL HALL" to 'SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD - SORSOGON CITY" is now back to its old, historical real name - BACON MUNICIPAL HALL - a reminder of our history when this hall was constructed in 1958.
It is now a building we can be proud of once again. It has been repaired, repainted and put into very good use. The whole government center in Bacon which has several buildings now houses the Bacon Satellite Offices which includes, Civil Registry, Treasury, Assessor"s Office, Social Welfare & Development Office, Agriculture Office, Health Center which has a fulltime doctor, dentist, nurses and other health workers.

The old building itself has the Bacon Action Center which is open 24 hours for those needing emergency help, esp, those needing the use of ambulance or other vehicles. We have a standby ambulance and a jeepney which people can use for burial, weddings, transporting patients who do not yet need the services of an ambulance. The Mayor has a Satellite Office also in Bacon where he meets the Bacongnons and conducts weddings for our "kabanwas".

On the second floor is our pride, the first in the Bicol Region, the Kiddie Center with a Toy Library, Book Library and Activity Center for children.

We also have plans of converting the former Municipal Trial Court to a High School and College Public Library and to transfer the Center for Learning Resource or the Public Library for adults to the former COMELEC and BIR offices also on the second floor of the old municipio, thereby putting all libraries in one place, so mothers and fathers who bring their children to the Kiddie Center will also have a place where they can go to relax and learn.

So much is happening, the old public market in the center of Sorsogon has been temporarily relocated elsewhere. A new building will be constructed right after the completion of the construction of the waste water treatment facility there. That way, the dirty water will be recycled and will no longer run to the Sorsogon Bay which was sadly unattended and uncared in the past administration which resulted to a very high degree of Red Tide contamination which the present leader is now trying to arrest.
With assistance from The Asia Foundation we are conducting a series of seminar-workshops for LGU employees regarding counter-corruption and Service Excellence. We have already awarded to deserving beneficiaries some 300 homes at our Gawad Kalinga in Guinlajon. Next week we will be awarding to the first 50 beneficiaries their homes in the Core Shelter Program aided by the Habitat for Humanity and UN. This is exclusively for Bacongnons and it is located in sitio Danao in Caricaran.

Back to our beloved Bacon. Now under the new leader, the Fish Sanctuary in San Juan, Bacon is once again protected. Plans of putting a Mariculture Park in Sta. Lucia and Salvacion is also in the wings. Of course, the beach resort in Bacon, our beloved Tolong Gapo has never looked so good and clean with lamps at night and colorful banners in its entire coastline.

Lorna Figueroa
City Administrator

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Report from Bacon

Today I received an email from a Bacongnon who said that she and her friend from Manila were so impressed by the beauty of the newly painted Our Lady of Annunciation Church. She said the Bacon Church is even more beautiful and impressive than the St. Peter and Paul Church in Sorsogon City proper.

The project on the church's edifice is still going on but fast progressing. The painting of the entrance is finished. The carpenters are concentrating on roof repairs which will take a month's time to complete.Next project is the concrete fencing of the church, with the stations of the cross.
Yes, I am a Bacongnon.
New Yorker

1. The Water Tank project of the Central School Alumni is already completed and ready for use once the school provide the pipes to connect to the selected school locations.

2. Mayor Dioneda's administration is seem ok with some visible improvements in Sorsogon City proper.

3. However, there are unflattering views about the Mayor's personal behaviour.

4. One shining area in the city government is Lorna Figueroa who is regarded as sincere, frank, strict, dedicated and absolutely honest.

5. The image if Our Lady of Penafrancia, Patroness of the Bicol Region was brought to selected barrios in Bacon. Two significant events happened while The Lady was in Bacon which people attributed as miraculous: A very strong typhoon supposedly destined for Sorsogon changed course. That saved the province potential devastations. The second "miracle" was in the barrio of Buenavista where the various "bunuan" were devoid of any fish for 5 months until The Lady came and suddenly all the "bunuan" were teeming with galunggong fishes.
New Yorker

The above was a report received Aug.9 by a delayed regular postal airmail.