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A Brief History of Bacon

Justo Duran Dellosa
Municipal President 1926-1928; 1929-1931
Municipal Mayor 1941-1942
Assassinated: August 24, 1942

During the Civil Government Under the American Rule

The Titles of Municipal Officials, their Elections and Terms of Office:
Under the American Regime until the establishment of the Commonwealth Government, the local head officials retained the titles: President and Vice-President respectively.

The President and Vice-President together with the municipal councilors (in place of the Cabezas de Barangay of old) were elected by the registered voters of the locality. Their tenure of office was two years until 1909 when those elected in this year’s election served for three years. In 1912, however, a law was passed by the lawmaking body then, making the term four years. In 1916, when the Jones Law was passed, the term became three years again.

Besides the elected officials, there were other municipal officials who were appointed according to their qualifications, merits, experience and eligibility. They were the: Municipal Secretary, the Municipal Treasurer, Justice of the Peace, Chief of Police, the Sanitary Inspector and the employees under each. The Ecclesiastical Authorities appointed a Parish Priest to head the Parish of Mater Anunciata. Although the Parish Priest no longer held the same power as he used to hold under the Spanish rule, due to separation of the Church and the State, nevertheless, the people still look up to him for spiritual leadership, up to the present.

The Civil Government under the American Rule in Bacon, was established on July 1, 1901. The first local election was held. Men of age were gathered at the Municipal Building, registered as voters, instructed on how to vote; and right then voted. They were to select from the candidates to the elective posts like we do at present. The following were first elected officials as a result of the first election: (Available records show only the following)

Presidente Municipal----------Victor Eco
Vice Presidente-----------------Juan Azas
1. Elias Dia-------------for the Poblacion Central
2. Doroteo Nepomoceno-for San Roque
3. Antonio Diaz -------for San Juan
4. Dimas Empleo------for San Isidro
5. Gervacio Din -------for Bogna and Contod
6. Marcelo Ayo ------- for Salvacion and Sugod
7. Mariano Serrano----for Gatbo and Sawagnan*
8. Domingo Ayo-------for Montufar
9. Mariano Garcia----- for Rapu-Rapu
10. Pedro Doma---------for Batan

Appointed Officials and Leaders:
a. Municipal Secretary----Miguel B. Ramirez
b. Municipal Treasurer----Miguel Serrano
c. Cura Parroco-------------Rev. Fr. Clemente Emerencia


Presidente Municipal----------Victor Eco
Vice Presidente-----------------Juan Azas
Juez de Paz ---------------------Ramon Garcia

The same officials served up to 1903. When the Municipal President, Victor Eco, resigned, the Vice President, Juan Azas, assumed the Presidency.


Presidente Municipal --------- Cirilo Jimenez
Vice Presidente-----------------Pedro Dona
Juez de Paz----------------------Ramon Garcia
Cura Parroco--------------------Rev. Fr. Ramon Santiago

Presidente Municipal----------Jose Garcia
Vice Presidente-----------------Dimas Empleo
Juez de Paz----------------------Roman Barbudo
Cura Parroco--------------------Rev. Fr. Balbino Hernandez

Presidente Municipal---------- Miguel B. Ramirez
Vice Presidente----------------- Gregorio Elona
Secretario Municipal-----------Julian Lacre until July 14, 1910 then
Jose Morato who served only few months; then
Francisco Morcador succeeded him.
Juez de Paz------------------- Ramon Barbudo until 1911.
Enrique Tabuena succeeded him in 1912.
Cura Parroco------------------ Rev. Fr. Balbino Hernandez

Presidente Municipal-----------Casimiro Eco
Vice Presidente------------------ Cipriano Dichoso
Secretario Municipal------------Rafael Dena up to 1914.
Porfirio Jimenez finished the term.
Tesorero Municipal------------ Francisco Mercader up to 1914.
Esteban Antas served until 1916.
Juez de Paz--------------------- Enrique Tabuena
Cura Parroco------------------Rev. Fr. Antonio Bayona

Presidente Municipal------------ Pablo Deocareza
Vice Presidente------------------- Balbino Ballesteros
Secretario Municipal-------------Julian Lacre
Tesorero Municipal---------------Francisco Mercader
Juez de Paz-------------------------Roman Baarbudo
Cura Parroco------------------ Rev. Fathers Antonio Bayona,
Martin Alcazar and
Balbino Viteron alternately served the parish.

Municipal President-------------- Amado Jimenez
Vice- President-------------------Gregorio Dioquino
Municipal Secretary---------------Julian Lacre
Municipal Treasurer---------------Zenon Diesta (temporarily serving)
Justice of the Peace--------------- Felix Bongon
Parish Priest-----------------------Rev. Fr. Jose Fuentebella

Municipal President--------------- Gregorio Dioquino
Vice- President----------------------Eutiquiano Duka
Municipal Secretary----------------Julian Lacre
Municipal Treasurer----------------Zenon Diesta (permanently serving)
Justice of the Peace-----------------Felix Bongon (1923-1924)
Roman Barbudo (1924—1925)
Parish Priest-------------------------Rev. Fr. Jose Fuentebella

Municipal President---------------- Justo Dellosa
Vice-President-----------------------Ramon Azas
Municipal Secretary---------------- Julian Lacre
Municipal Treasurer-----------------Zenon Diesta
Justice of the Peace -----------------Concepcion U. Lim
Parish Priest-------------------------- Rev. Fr. Jose Fuentebella

Municipal President----------------Justo Dellosa
Vice- President----------------------Zacarias Diesta
Municipal Secretary----------------Julian Lacre
Municipal Treasurer----------------Zenon Diesta
Justice of the Peace-----------------Concepcion U. Lim
Parish Priest------------------------- Rev. Fr. Jose Fuentebella

1932- 1934
Municipal President----------------Ramon Azas
Vice- President--------------------- Cornelio Diolata
Municipal Secretary----------------Gregorio Logronio
Municipal Treasurer---------------- Zenon Diesta
Justice of the Peace-----------------Concepcion U. Lim
Parish Priest--------------------------Rev. Fr. Francisco Bigornia

The Period of the Commonwealth Government

The Change of Titles of the Town’s Head Officials and Their Terms of Office:
During the Period of the Commonwealth Government, the titles; Municipal President and Vice President were changed to into “Municipal Mayor” and “Vice Mayor” respectively. The term of office of the elected officials remained three years.

Municipal Mayor-------------------Rafael Domo
Vice- Mayor-------------------------Leon Ayo
Municipal Secretary----------------Julian Lacre
Municipal Treasurer----------------Zenon Diesta
Justice of the Peace-----------------Concepcion U. Lim
Parish Priest------------------------- Rev. Fr. Jose Fuentebella

Municipal Mayor------------------- Leon Ayo
Vice Mayor------------------------ Felix Dreu
Municipal Secretary---------------- Gregorio Logronio
Municipal Tresurer------------------Zenon Diesta until 1939; succeeded by
Gavino Estur- 1939-1940
Justice of the Peace-----------------Concepcion U. Lim
Parish Priest-------------------------Rev. Fr. Jose Fuentebella; his last year
of service- 1940

Municipal Mayor---------------------Justo Dellosa
Vice Mayor--------------------------- Gregorio Latosa
Municipal Secretary------------------Teodoro Eco
Municipal Treasurer------------------Domingo Pancho
Justice of the Peace-------------------Concepcion U. Lim

The officials elected this year were supposed to serve a three year term; but the Pacific War broke out which shook the political make up of the whole country.

During the Japanese Occupation Period

The following municipal officials during this period were appointed; the first two mayors, by the Japanese Imperial Army of Occupation; The other one was appointed by Salvador Escudero , incumbent Provincial Governor , elected 1940, head of the Resistance Movement.

Municipal Mayor---------------------Justo Dellosa,
incumbent municipal Mayor when the Pacific War broke out.
He was appointed by the Imperial Army of Occupation.

Municipal Secretary------------------Teodoro Eco
until August of this year, when Mayor Dellosa died.

Municipal Treasurer------------------Antonio Jalasco, acting Treasurer

Municipal Mayor---------------------Jose Amador, appointed by the
Japanese Army of Occupation, to fill the office vacated by
Mayor Dellosa who died on Aug. 24, 1942.

Municipal Secretary------------------ Eulalia Eco, acting secretary for some time.

Municipal Treasurer------------------ Antonio Jalasco continued in office.

When Jose Amador died in October, 1944, nobody else was appointed to fill the vacancy.

Leon Ayo was appointed Mayor by the Resistance Movement (Free Government) headed by Salvador Escudero.

By: Cristina D. Jose -author

To be continued

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April 6 - Election of officers Batch 1990

Batch 1990 Election of officers will be on April 6, 2009 for the upcoming BCSAAI reunion.

By: Margie Dioquino Serino