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This website is intended to all Bacongnons & to anyone interested in Bacon issues/heritage with pure intention of uniting our cultural, social, moral, and familial ties wherever we may be.

This is not politically motivated but we are not afraid of expressing our opinions & ideas of issues concerning our town/heritage no matter how sensitive they may be.
Our vision: Freedom of speech/expression at its best and yet to come.

To submit an opinion or comment, click on “comments” at the bottom of the post.
If you would like to submit an article or photo, email them to me at and we will post it under your name.


Tolong Gapo, Bacon District, Sorsogon City, Philippines

Bacon, Sorsogon is the birthplace of the first generation Dellosa
Where It All Began
Picture taken July 2002 by Ray Christopher Dellosa


Anonymous said...

I like it!!!

Anonymous said...

magayon man...hali ini asin su inot kay ate mo

PetCa said...

Ok, great job, great idea.
A corner for Bacongnons to exercise their freedom of speech.
Reminder: such freedom is not limited to what is politically correct nor limited to traditional norms.


PetCa said...

My beloved and respected cababanua na taga Bacon.
Our town has just been devastated by typhoon Melenyo. Majority of the houses have been damaged, some severely. Many people's livelihood vanished with the typhhon specially those dependent on farm produce. Knowing that Bacongnons are known for compassion, I am appealing to everyone to send some financial aid to anyone you know, perhaps old friends, old neighbors,relatives, old classmates. Just do it please. thank you. Be assured that your kindness will be most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I like the color especially the picures, more pictures please.

PetCa said...

HERITAGE, a great commentary on an issue close to my heart.

M.I. said...

Thank you for your feedback.

rene dellosa said...

I really want to hear from any Bacongnon from Bacon or Europe or Canada, U.S. just to know that you are now aware of this site.

Speak up people.

I am in Petaluma, California

Annie said...

I got an intersting article on my next post. In fact I already have a line up.
I'm just giving our cabanua a chance to respond.

Ate, this is for you.
An bicol mo man tabi saing baul mo kinua iyan?Pabayai na an "asin" sa mga padi.Pig-gagamit iyan sa mga pangadyi nan sa sermon, aagawan mo pa sinda.

Puro- pacarhaya man an mga Bicol ta nasa Bacon Blog baga kita.
Dai co lang nasasabutan an Sorsoganon,puede acong ipabacal pasobra sa Bacon.

M.I. said...

I'm glad you like it. It was my pleasure.

Karl Mikhail Dellosa-Garcia said...

Hello to all! I would like to contribute some pictures of Bacon. Please let me know how. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ah,"Tulong Gapo"....I hope nobody has spoiled it yet in considerable proportions. Bacon is not Bacon without "Tulong Gapo" and the precious, precious church of old that brought all cababanua together. I learned that in some ways they are no longer the same, i.e, some mining affected certain areas and habitat; the aesthetics of an old church being spoiled because of some walls deemed to be the only solution to some "wandering" flock.

I just hope that our cababanua or all of those who are involved in the approval of such business ventures are reminded of the snares of misguided geopolitics....and that of our church, why not some collaborative input from the flock that supports it? Everybody has a right to have a voice. Has every resident been requested to join in the effort to address the issue? I also believe that in order for the flock to stay on course, a certain understanding, diplomacy and analysis of the root of such disturbing habit of "wandering" be in the agenda of those in charge in the diocese. The latter I think should be the first to tackle.

Shifting to another topic, may I suggest that different pictures of Bacon be posted, say, monthly? Weekly would even be better!

just a laborer in Paris said...

Great photography of Tolong-Gapo.

One spot in Bacon that I truly missed.

Mahal co camo gabos Bacongnons.

Print more Bacon pictures please.

from Kuwait said...

Who is Ray Christopher Dellosa?

A Resident of London said...

Thanks for publishing the picture of my childhood's favorite place. Tolong-gapo beach is Bacon.

Annie said...

Thanks for volunteering.
Just email the pictures to my personal email address. Do it one or two at a time to make sure that it goes through.

I prefer pictures of some places in Bacon, don't forget to indicate where they are.
I appreciate the effort.
Take care & regards to your Mom.

M.I. said...

If anyone would like to submit anything, there is an email provided in this "Welcome!" post.

Annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M.I. said...

If you would like personal information, I think it would be best discussed through email.

U.S. Resident said...

I received an appeal for donation to an Indigent Kids foundation headed by a certain Amado Manduriao,Jr. of Burabod, Bacon, Sorsogon, a twice retired school principal.
May I know more info about this?

Rene of California said...

Indigent Kids is a limited charitable foundation. It assists about 35 very indigent kids with school supplies, financial aid, goods on school opening. However, in December, the recepients are expanded to as many kids as possible sometimes as many as 100, dependent on the funds raised.
Amado Manduriao, Jr. is a 74 year old bachelor, twice retired school Principal, a community,religious leader in Bacon.

Marylou said...

I too am a fellow Dellosa...i just wanted to know if anyone has traced the Dellosa name, as far as I know it goes all the way to Italy. Anyway Bacon is the birthplace of my late Grandfather, Norberto Dellosa Snr. I would have loved to have visited Bacon on my last trip to the Philippines in Feb 06. Thank you for the website Karl.
Marylou Dellosa

Annie said...

Welcome Marylou!
You're already in your hometown. This is where we are.
I'll ask Papa about your Grandfather.

Someday we can all make plans to go to Bacon.

Annie said...

For you Marylou,
Papa said that your grandfather is his uncle,a brother of our grandfather.
Please email me at

Anonymous said...

This is great! It is very interesting to read everyone's posts.
And yes, more pictures please.
Excellent job!

Judy C. Dellosa
Jupiter, Florida

Judy said...

I apologize, my post was written under the anonymous category. Obviously, it was a mistake..

I would like to wish everyone peace and joy, not only this Holiday season but also the coming year!

From my family to yours,

Annie said...

Judy, this is for you.
Saan ka ba nagtatago?
I have not heard from you for a long time.
Call me..

Diane Dellosa-Garcia said...

I like this spot. Well, we can trace our long lost relatives....
Hi Judy! Haven't heard from you. Where have you been? Call me please or just email me.

More pictures/videos of Bacon coming.... courtesy of Karl Mikhail, my son.

Anonymous said...

Miss Annie, I am also a "Bacongnon" and marayonon tabi ining saimong ginibo!!!

Rene of California said...

To Marylou,

Norberto Dellosa, your grandpa is our Papa Itoy.

Ed said...

Ate Annie,

Thank you for inviting me to this site. It looks like a great way to learn a little about my beautiful fiancee's (Judy's) heritage. I will be visiting this site and would love to contribute a blog or two in the near future. Can't wait to meet you all.


Annie said...

To you Ed,

I'll look forward for your article.

See you on 07/07/'07. You & Judy's LUCKY DAY! (Blackjack!)

Diane said...

Hi Ed!
Though you we don't have formal introduction. I'll be glad to hear from you even thru this blog, better if you and Judy come and visit our country, especially BACON, SORSOGON. I'm sure you'll like the place.
Tell her please to mail/call me up. Thanks.
Take care of my sis pls.

Ed said...


Thanks for the kind words. I'm sorry that I have not responded sooner. I haven't been on the computer for a while.
I really look forward to visiting Bacon, Sorsogon someday, along with meeting all of Judy's family. I cannot express in words how beautful and wonderful she is; when you see us together you will understand just how close we are and why we make such a good couple. She is one of a kind and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. I will tell her to write you soon. Take care and God bless.


diane said...

Thanks Ed!

See you someday!

Marylou said...

Hi Rene,

So you know my late grandfather, that's great considering i didn't really know which is a shame as I heard he was an intelligent man. Do you have any information about him growing up, any info would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Marylou Dellosa

Senen Dollison said...

The Officers of the Bacon Sandataan Association(Metro Manila) Inc., would like to invite all Bacongnons residing here in Metro Manila and abroad as well, who are planning to spend their Christmas here in the Philippines, for its yearly grand celebration. The 74th anniversary celebration will be held on December 30, 2008 at Quezon City Sports Club, E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City. The venue is between Divine Word Seminary and Trinity University. A live Band will be assisting the Ballroom Dancing. Amount of the ticket is P300.00. Likewise, the association is accepting ads for its 74th Souvenir Program.

For the information of everybody, the association continue to function and has never ceased its activity. Although the association is operating on a very limited resources,it has brought visible projects in Bacon. The Welcome Arch at the boundary of Bacon, Sorsogon in Gabao, the Public Library at Poblacion, Medals during Elementary Graduation and on August 17, 2008, the association conducted a medical mission at Brgy San Roque, Bacon District.

For further inquiries on the December 30, 2008 74th Anniversary Celebration pls feel free to contact the following:

Cherry Latosa-Mendenilla (President) LTO, East Avenue, Q.C.
Senen Dollison (Board Chairman) 951-50-23
Gloria L Deyto - 475-25-01

Pls attend this yearly Grand Anniversary Celebration on December 30, 2008 and meet fellow Bacongnons, old time friends and relatives as well.

senen said...



7:30 PM - 12:00 MN



Proceeds of the affair will be for the on-going medical mission to all Barangays of Bacon District. Last August 17, 2008, the association has already conducted a Medical mission at barangay San Roque, Bacon District, Sorsogon City.

For further details/inquiries pls contact:

Cherry Latosa-Mendenilla- President (LTO, East Ave., Q.C.)

Senen C. Dollison - Board Chairman 951-50-23

Gloria L Deyto - 475-25-01

Alexander CastaƱeda Dellosa said...

Just saw this blog and would like to contribute as well :)

Annie said...

You are always welcome to our blog Mr. A. Dellosa.

Finally, you found your home.

Adam said...

I so look forward to visiting this place, I have communicated for many years now with a dear friend, if she is an example of the kind nature of Bacongnors the place must be an oasis, My kindest regards,

tzhuuny uzumawada said...

i like it ! hey creator of this blog! i give you an offer to make your own free website! just give me a message at my fb account !!!
i will send you a video! and all the info you want! proud to be bacongnon!