Monday, November 27, 2006

Tolong Gapo - Oti Eco

The Scenic Tolong Gapo will soon DISAPPEAR with the continous PLUNDERING by some opportunistic people, like the BALUARTES, KUTA, CHURCHES AND BATO cave, IT must BE CONSIDERED an endangered specie, but who cares?

Do you know that the TOLONG GAPO was a family? BARBO(father) LINSA(mother) and a little child turned to stones? Have you noticed that throughout the years, the family has multiplied? We now have around five stones!!!

But what about the unnoticed MANNONGGOL? It was said that a boy playing with his cat and guitar was struck by a bolt of lightning and turned to stone?

BACON has been the cradle of civilization, even before SORSOGON AND LEGAZPI. BACON, BATO CAVES AND THE BALUARTES/KUTA are the very EVIDENCE. It is because Bacon is near the sea-routes which ADELANTADO LEGAZPI AND SALCEDO traveresed. Chinese traders and European SPECIES searchers have visited BACON. bUT AGAIN, WHO CARES?Are we not PROUD to be forebearers of BACON CIVILIZATION?

I am, so with some VERY FEW BACONGNONS, but we are only a minority. If NOBODY CARES, who will?


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Heritage - Rene J. Dellosa

A controversial issue started when the Bacon parish priest (now deceased) decided to close the main south entrance of the church and attempted to cover and decorate it with garish "modern" bathroom tiles, to compel people not to go out during the "sermon" part of the mass. That action, of course, shocked and appalled Bacongnons sensitive to the preservation of historical sites such as the church. The repeated requests by the advocates to discuss the matter with the church hierarchy, especially with the Bishop of the Sorsogon Diocese, were treated dismissively. In short, the advocacy group led by Lorna Figueroa, Maning Eco and Jun Patria were given the "run around". It is sad and appalling that a revered institution would maintain an arrogant air; a practice supposedly discarded generations ago because it is archaic as well as anathema to this ecumenical age.

We are therefore appealing to the powers in the diocese to practice a little humility, to step down from their lofty heights and listen to the pleadings of their people and their need to preserve their historical and cultural heritage.

To the readers of this site, we beg for your active support to the noble cause, which those courageous advocates are struggling to preserve.

Rene J. Dellosa


This website is intended to all Bacongnons & to anyone interested in Bacon issues/heritage with pure intention of uniting our cultural, social, moral, and familial ties wherever we may be.

This is not politically motivated but we are not afraid of expressing our opinions & ideas of issues concerning our town/heritage no matter how sensitive they may be.
Our vision: Freedom of speech/expression at its best and yet to come.

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Tolong Gapo, Bacon District, Sorsogon City, Philippines

Bacon, Sorsogon is the birthplace of the first generation Dellosa
Where It All Began
Picture taken July 2002 by Ray Christopher Dellosa