Sunday, April 04, 2010

Latest Report

1. Incumbent Mayor Leovic Dioneda has the edge to win in the mayoralty race in Sorsogon City over Ed Atutubo, incumbent vice mayor due to an apparent inadequate logistics support and organization of the latter.

2. A poll watchdog the Consortium for Electoral Reforms(CER) identified Sorsogon as one of 8 provinces to be "hot spots" which can be used to manipulate results on Election Day through violence. Also identified as hot spots are Masbate, Quezon, Mindoro Oriental, Mindoro Occidental, Davao City and Compostela Valley.

3.In Sorsogon, it appears that the political dynasties of the Lees and Escuderos are the main political players. Governor Raul is running for governor to replace wife Sally Lee the incumbent governor. Their son Bobet Lee is running independent for vicemayor of Sorsogon City. Incumbent Sorsogon City Mayor Dioneda is allied to the Escuderos.

4. Many Filipinos believe that the failure of the country's first nationwide automated elections on May 10, 2010 will trigger a powerful revolution, a latest survey of the Social Weather Station(SWS) a private, independent, non-partisan company.
This reporter also believes that the election failure will certainly create a great political and economic instability to the country and that the rural area voters who are not very high tech literate and without higher education are vulnerable to political manipulations and fraud.

5. The Manila Mail published in San Francisco, California and claiming to be Northern California's largest Filipino American newspaper in circulation published the latest presidential survey that Liberal standard bearer Sen. Benigno Aquino III(37%) has widened his lead over Nacionalista Party candidate Sen. Manuel Villar(28%). The Manila Mail (Mar.31-April 6, 2010 issue) also published other 4 favorable stories and a big, colored picture of Aquino but a very small one about Villar.

6. MIscellany: Rebellion charges against the powerful Ampatuans were dismissed but are still facing multiple charges in connection with the massacre of 57 people in Maguindanao last Nov.23, 2009.

Presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino is a bachelor with a (girl) fiancee. He is addicted to smoking.

There are 1,083 Filipinos in Russia, one Filipina was slightly hurt in the recent Moscow subway station blast which killed 37 people.

The families of former president/dictator Ferdinand Marcos(disgracefully kicked out of office) are all running for office and winning too.

Disgraced former President Joseph Estrada jailed for corruption is again running for president with significant supporters and followers.
Estrada's son is a Senator.

Unpopular President Gloria M.Arroyo is running for congress with the intention to be the next House Speaker. Pres.GMA and her relatives in both Macapagal and Arroyo families who are also running in various offices in Pampanga are expected to win.

7.The Filipinos just love those corrupt people they keep voting for them election after election, for generations.
By: New Yorker