Saturday, July 12, 2008

Intramuros of Bacon - JJ

Shortly before the second world war, the walled section of Pigsabunan , Bacon was a tangled mass of snake infested vegetation. It was called “ Intramuros “ after the walled city of Manila.
An old man, Benedicto Enalpe, braving these dangers, cleared portions of this big enclosure and planted cassava and other vegetables. Others followed.

When the sea began encroaching upon the shoreline and housing areas nearby, residents began a search for places to move to. At about the same time, the market place was transferred from Basud to the space along the wall facing the sea and the old municipal building, was moved to the old market area.

The walled interior became more attractive to the residents displaced by the advancing shoreline.

Petitions were filed with the Catholic Church hierarchy to open the land for public residency. Foremost among the petitioners were retired Bacon Chief of Police Porfirio Ariate and retired Col. Ignacio Elegado. After so many years the petition was finally granted. (So I heard.)

Sufficient fund is needed to preserve this historical landmark and to relocate the residents inside the Intramuros or kuta.

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