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A Brief History Of Bacon-author Cristina D. Jose

Part II

The Town’s Head Officials And Leaders Since Its Foundation

Chapter One
During the Spanish Regime

The municipal officials grouped accordingly, were the following:

1.The Governadorcillo:
Since the organization of Bacon into a pueblo civil, the town’s chief executive was called Governadorcillo. In 1819, the title was changed from Governadorcillo into Alcalde Constitutional. Six years later, (1825) the title was changed back to Governadorcillo until the early part of 1893. During the latter part of this same year (1893) the title underwent another change. From this time up to the end of the Spanish rule, Capitan Municipal was used in place of Governadorcillo.

This head official or chief executive of the town was elected (except those in the first years) by twelve who were called vocationales. These vocationales were selected by lottery from past governadorcillos, and the cabezas de Barangay (now teniente del barrio) who had rendered at least ten years as such.

Under him as vice, and vice of the vice, etc. were:
a) Teniente Mayor (Primera) – vice the governadorcillo
b) Teniente Segundo – vice the Teniente Mayor
c) Teniente Tercero – vice the Teniente Segundo
d) Teniente Cuarto – vice the Teniente Tercero

2. The Cura Paroco:

His position in the municipality as a leader was as important as the governadorcillo. He was appointed by the church authorities.
a) His assistant priest or priests.

3. Aguacil Mayor:

He was the custodian of the Casa Tribunal. He was at the same time the prison guard.
a) Aguacil Segundo – vice the Aguacil Mayor
b) Aguacil Tercero – vice the Aguacil Segundo
c) Aguacil Cuarto – vice the Aguacil Tercero

4. The Jueces (Judges);
a) Jues de Sementera – His duty was to settle land dispute.
b) Jues de Policia – He was in charge of the polistas.
c) Jues de Ganado – His duty was to settle difference over animals such as cows, carabaos, horses, etc.

When these positions were not yet opened, the governadorcillos used to do the work assigned to this officials. These judges or jueces were selected from past governadorcillos or cavezas de Barangay with at least ten years’ experience as such.

5.Cabezas de Barangay:

They were selected from the prominent citizens of the community. They collected taxes from the people. A Cabeza de Barangay used to collect from at least 50 families.

6. The Maestro and Maestro Municipal:

They were the teachers assigned to teach
the boys and girls of the community. Those of them who are still living still bear the title Maestro or Maestra like Maestrang Martina ( Mrs. Martina B. Vda. De Serrano).

All the above officials except the priest, the governadorcillo and the maestro, received no monetary remuneration. A governadorcillo used to receive P 24.00 annual salary. The rest who receive no salary enjoyed privileges any common citizen would not enjoy.

Remnants of historical records the author was able to gather show only the following officials since the foundation of Bacon into a pueblo civil;

1754 ----------Juan Elias (Dia)
1755---------- Juan Elias (Dia)
1756---------- Juan Elias (Dia)
1757---------- Ignacio Regino
1758---------- Miguel Lucas
1759---------- Domingo Ramon
1760---------- Juan Elias (Dia)
1761---------- Gavino Saens
1762---------- Gavino Saens
1763---------- Jose Facundo
1764---------- Jose Tomas
1765---------- Pedro Elias (Dia)
1766---------- Jose Tomas
1767---------- Agustin Ignacio
1768---------- Antonio Joaquin
1769---------- Fernando Facundo
1770---------- Tomas Gavino
1771---------- Lorencio Acacio
1772---------- Juan Rafael
1773---------- Agustin Lorenzo
1774---------- Ignacio Agustin
1775---------- Ignacio Agustin
1776---------- Teodoro Saens

The Franciscan Fathers assigned at the Missionary Parish of Bacon, from 1622 to 1776, after Rev. Fr. Antonio de San Francisco founded at 1617, were the following;
1. Rev. Fr. Miguel Pareja
2. Rev. Fr. Juan de Balconete
3. Rev. Fr. Pedro de Madrigal
4. Rev. Fr. Pedro Espallargas
5. Rev. Fr. Pedro de San Francisco y Salamanca
6. Rev. Fr. Onofre Palleja y de Jesus
7. Rev. Fr. Juan Bautista Marza
8. Rev. Fr. Juan de Resurreccion y Salamanca

1777----- Teodoro Saens
1778----- -do-
1779----- -do-
1780----- -do-
1781----- -do-
1782-----Agustin Lorenzo
1783-----Fernando Facundo
1784-----Fernando Facundo
1785-----Antonio Camacho
1786-----Gregorio Serrano
1787-----Juan Rafael
1788-----Nicolas de Tolentino
1789-----Teodoro Saens
1790-----Pedro Irene
1791-----Irene Rafael
1792-----Tomas Sabino
1793-----Mariano de Luna
1794-----Eulalio Saens
1795-----Fernando Facundo
1796-----Teodoro Pura
1797-----Tomas Sabino
1798-----Tomas Servando
1799-----Jose Marcelino
1800-----Tomas Sabino
1801-----Juan Alberto
1802-----Francisco Navarro
1803-----Francisco Feliciano
1804-----Francisco Eugenio
1805-----Agustin Rufino
1806-----Pio Figueroa
1807-----Tomas Sabino
1808-----Juan Elias (Dia)
1809-----Evaristo Lopez
1810-----Francisco Navarro
1811-----Agustin Apolinario
1812----- -do-
1813-----Felipe Neri
1814-----Vicente Ramirez (Deyto)
1815-----Timoteo Rufino
1816-----Francisco Marcelino
1817-----Tomas Isidro
1818-----Fernando Tadeo

1819-----Pedro Ramirez
1820-----Julian Felix
1821-----Felipe Neri (Dino)
1822-----Arcadio Menencio
1823-----Ignacio Rafael
1824-----Francisco Marcelino Feliciano

1825-----Juan Tolentino
1826-----Juan Elias (Dia)
1827-----Juan Felix
1828-----Mariano Facundo
1829-----Gavino de Vera
1830-----Antonio Mariano
1831-----Vicente Alberto
1832-----Alberto Magno
1833-----Pioquinto Romero
1834-----Juan Navarro
1835-----Salvador de la Cruz
1836-----Mariano Cecilio
1837-----Clemente de San Antonio
1838-----Romualde Salomon (Dellosa)
1839-----Juan Felix -do-
1840-----Manuel Salomon (Dellosa)
1841----- -do-
1842-----Pioquinto Romero
1843-----Francisco Enrique
1844-----Marcos Dechavez
1845-----Mariano Digman (Gusman)
1846-----Fabian Rufino
1847-----Agapito Ramirez
1848-----Julian Torres (Dizon)
1849-----Manuel Anonuevo
1850----- -do-
1851-----Ambrosio Dineros -
1852-----Mariano Domino Tadeo)
1853-----Mariano de Sta. Ana
1854-----Juan Dellosa (Piquil)
1855-----Domingo Ebio
1856-----Juan Dellosa
1857-----Angelo Dellosa
1858-----Isidro de Sta. Ana
1859-----Juan Dy (Climaco)
1860-----Francisco Despabiladeras
1861-----Andres Mariano (Dipon)
1861-62--Pascual Dia
1862-63-- -do-
1863-64--Isidro de Sta Ana
1864-65-- -do-
1865-66--Angelo Dellosa
1866-67-- -do-
1867-68--Eulalio Domino
1868-69-- -do-
1869-70--Pio Escarcha
1870-71-- -do-
1871-72--Mariano Detera
1872-73-- Mariano Detera
1873-74-- Esteban Amador
1874-75-- -do-
1875-76-- Mariano Deocareza
1876-77-- -do-
1877-78-- Maximo Serrano
1878-79-- -do-
Beginning 1861-1862 until 1892-93, all elected official served a term of two years.
1879-80-- Bernardino Dellosa
1880-81-- Bernardino Dellosa
1881-82-- Micael Dineros
1882-83-- Marcelo Garcia
1883-84-- Juan Dia Jose Dineros
1884-85-- -do-
1885-86-- Maximo Serrano
1886-87-- -do-
1887-88--Esteban Amador
1888-89-- -do-
1889-90 Ramon Garcia
1890-91--Victor Eco
1891-92-- -do-
1892-93--Cirilo Jimenez
1893-----Cirilo Jimenez
1894----- -do-
1895-----Victor Eco
1896----- -do-
1897----- -do-
1898----- -do-

1777-----Rev. Fr. Geronimo de Talavera
of Sorsogon as regent
1778-----Rev. Fr. Roque de Priego
1779----- -do-
1780-----Rev. Fr. de Talavera of Sorsogon
since the death of Rev. Fr. Priego
1781----- -do-
1782-----Rev. Fr. Jose de Avia, regent
1783-----In this year Rev. Fathers Manuel de los
Dolores, Juan de Talavera, Pedro Geronimo
Cabello and Rafael Benavente, alternately
served the parish.
1784-----Rev. Fr. Rafael Benavente
1785----- -do-
1786----- -do-
1787----- -do-
1788----- -do-
1789----- -do-
1790----- -do-
1791----- -do-
1792----- -do-
1793----- -do-
1794-----Rev. Fr. Benavente, in July handed the parish to
1795-----Rev. Fr. Pedro Licup, first Filipino to head it.
1796-----Rev. Fr. Pedro Licup, He died in 1796.
Rev. Fr. Tomas de San Antonio
1797----- -do-
1798----- -do-
1799----- -do-
1800-----Rev. Fr. Tomas de San Antonio, the same priest was permanently assigned.
1801-----Rev. Fr. Tomas de San Antonio
1802----- -do-
1803----- -do-
1804----- -do-
1805----- -do-
1806----- -do-
1807----- -do-
1808----- -do-
1809----- -do-
1810----- -do-
1811----- -do-
1813----- -do-
1814----- -do-
1815----- -do-
1816----- -do-
1817----- -do-
1818----- -do-
1819-----Rev. Fr. Tomas de San Antonio
1820----- -do-
1821-----Rev. Fr. Fabian de Vera, entereno
1822-----Rev. Fr. Mariano Acacio
1823----- -do-
1824----- -do-
1825-----Rev. Fr. Mariano Acio
1826----- -do-
1827----- -do-
1828----- -do-
1829----- -do-
1830----- -do-
1831----- -do-
1832----- -do-
1833-----Rev. Fr. Fabian de Vera, intereno
1834-----Rev. Fr. Gregorio de Sta. Ana
1835----- -do-
1836----- -do-
1837-----Rev. Fr. Gregorio de Sta. Ana
1838----- -do-
1839----- -do-
1840 ------do-
1841----- -do-
1841----- -do-
1842----- -do-
1843-----Rev. Fr. Gregorio de Sta. Ana
1844----- -do-
1845----- -do-
1846----- -do-
1847----- -do-
1848----- -do-
1849----- -do-
1850----- -do-
1851----- -do-
1852-----Rev. Fr. Tomas de Sta. Ana, intereno
1853-----Rev. Fr. Remigio de Vera
1854----- -do-
1855----- -do-
1856----- -do-
1857----- -do-
1858-----Rev. Fr. Remigio de Vera
1859----- -do-
1860----- -do-
1861-62- -do
1862-63- -do-
1863-64- -do-
1864-65 Rev. Fr. Paulino de San Juan
1865-66- -do-
1866-67- -do-
1867-68- -do-
1868-69- -do-
1870-71- -do-
1871-72- -do-
1872-73 Rev. Fr. Paulino de San Juan
1873-74- -do-
1874-75- -do-
1875-76- -do-
1876-77 Rev. Fr. Tomas de Sta. Ana temporarily headed the Parish when Rev. Fr. Paulino de San Juan died on Dec. 22, 1876.
1877-78 Rev. Fr. Santiago Ojeda
1878-78- -do
1879-80- -do-
1880-81 Rev. Fr. Santiago Ojeda
1881-82- -do-
1882-83 Since Oct., 1883 Rev. Fr. Casiano de Vera succeeded.
1883-84 Rev. Fr. Casiano de Vera
1884-85- -do-
1885-86- -do- In March, 1886, Rev. Fr. Florentino succeeded.
1886-87- -do-
1887-88 Rev. Fr. Florentino Bartolome
1888-89 Rev. Fr. Pablo Zuniga, intereno
1889-90 Rev. Fr. Fermin Desa
1890-91- -do-
1891-92- -do-
1892-93 Rev. Fr. Vicente Barrameda
1893----Rev. Fr. Vicente Barrameda
1894----Rev. Fr. Clemente Emerenciana
1895---- -do-
1896---- -do-
1897---- -do-
1898---- -do-
1877-78----Felix Dominisac
1878-79---- -do-
1879-80----Jose de Sta. Ana
1880-81----Jose de Sta. Ana
1881-82----Pantaleon Deocareza
1883-83---- -do-
1883-84----Jose Dineros
1884-85---- -do-
1885-86----Diego Amador
1889-87---- -do-
1887-88----Miguel Serrano
1888-89---- -do-
1890-91----Antonio Diaz
1891-92---- -do-
1892-93----Mariano Dayson
1893------- Mariano Dayson
1894------- -do-
1895--------Martin Diolata *
1896-------- -do-
1897--------Juan Azas
1898-------- -do-
The Teniente Mayor elected in year 1895 was Miguel Ramirez but he resigned after a month's service, so Martin Diolata, then Teniente de Policia, succeeded him.
In 1855, the Office of Fielato de las Rentas Estancadas was organized. Gavino de Vera was the first to hold the position as Fiel de Rentas Official.
1858-------- Rafael Ortiz
1859-------- -do-
1860-------- -do-
1861-------- -do-
1861-62---- -do-
1862-63---- -do-
1863-64---- -do-
1864-65---- -do-
1865-66---- -do-
1866-67---- -do-
1867-68---- -do-
1868-69---- -do-
1869-70---- -do-
1870-71---- -do-
1871-72-----The Governadorcillo, acting official
1872-73-----Governadorcillo, acting
1873-74-----Governadorcillo, acting
1874-75-----Jose Maria Riu
1875-76---- -do-
1876-77---- -do-
1877-78-----Hilario Ramos
1878-79----- -do-
1879-80----- -do-
1880-81-----Hilario Ramos
1881-82-----The Office of Fielato de las Rentas Estancadas was abolished in 1882.
The office of the Juez de Paz (Justice of the Peace Court) was created by virtue of a Royal Decree in 1887 or 1888; the judge to be appointed by the Governor General.
1887-88-----Jose Verchez
Marcelo Garcia
1888-89-----Jose Verchez
Marcelo Garcia
1889-90-----Juan Bta. Sanchez
1890-91-----Juan Bta. Sanchez
Maximo Serrano
1891-92-----Juan Bta. Sanchez
Mariano Deocareza
1892-93-----Juan Bta. Sanchez
Mariano Deocareza
1893---------Juan Bta. Sanchez
1894--------- -do-
1895---------Juan Bta. Sanchez
Juan Figueroa
1896---------Juan Bta. Sanchez
Juan Figueroa
1897---------Esteban Amador
Mariano Dayson
1898---------Mariano Dayson

Part II

Chapter Two
During the Revolutionary and Transition Periods

The Change of Titles of Municipal Officials:
The chief executive of the town was called Presidente and Vice-Presidente. The other officials were called Delegados de (a.) Justicia, (b.) Rentas, y (c.) Policia. They were appointed by the Revolutionary government. The priest together with the municipal officials retained his position as a leader of the community.

During this chaotic period, the municipal officials and leaders were composed of the following:

------------Cirilo Jimenez
VICE-PRESIDENTE-------------- Miguel B. Ramirez
CURA PARROCO------------------Rev. Fr.Clemente Emerenciana
(a.) JUSTICIA---------------------- Esteban Amador
(b.) RENTAS------------------------Antonio Diaz
(c.) POLICIA-----------------------------Gervacio Din

When the President and the Vice-President transferred to Sorsogon for safety and refuge, the following were appointed by the American Military Authorities to fill the positions vacated during the transition period:

Presidente local--------------------- Ramon Garcia
Vice-Presidente----------------------Juan Azas

Ramon Garcia was suspected of being an Americanista by the Revolutionists. He was stabbed at the back. Although he was not killed, he was incapacitated for further service at the time.

To be continued